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Totement/Paper communicates a partnership of dancing forms

CHERNYAKHOVSK – The warehouse of a brandy distillery is able to accommodate meetings and receptions, as well as incorporating a small museum, tasting room and viewing platform.


A straight-edged extension by McLaren Excell simplifies complexity

LONDON – Often, a more viable option for gaining additional living space in the English capital is to increase the footprint of the home that you already have.


Göbl Architektur installs a self-sufficient power source for electric vehicles

VIENNA – The Tower of Power is a direct consequence of contemporary society's increased interest in electric vehicles.


Mark A-to-Z: I is for Installation

This week, we bring you five installations that have caught our eye due to their meaning, visual identity or simply their excitement factor. Enjoy!


X+Living's fanciful bookstore is a wonderland for all ages

CHENGDU – Part bookstore, part library; the magical world of literature has been brought to life in a unique setting in a shopping mall in central China.


Fala Atelier makes one plus fun equal five

PORTO – A 20th-century home in the centre of the Portuguese city has been adapted into five small studio flats of approximately 35 sq-m.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

Current Issue

Mark 68

Mark 68

In what we have nicknamed ‘the housing issue’, Mark #68 brings you a whopping 24 new homes from around the globe. From a hand-built holiday rental in central Chile, to a beach house in Sydney – with a few stop-offs in mainland Europe – there’s plenty to dig your teeth into in the latest issue of Mark.

An organically-shaped house on the outskirts of Prague is elevated above the ground and unconventionally supported by a single concrete column. Czech firm Sépka Architects claims that the ‘whimsical-looking decision saved a lot of money [and avoided] difficult conditions which would have made a classical foundation more demanding’ – that, and it really looks quite impressive.

In Tokyo, the latest project from Kochi Architect’s Studio plays on the firm’s affinity for angular cut-outs, visual perspectives and splashes of colour. Ana House shows why doors are probably overrated and just as much privacy can be gained by cutting irregular openings out of the walls, floor and ceilings.

It’s not all about houses, though. Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture focuses on the relationship between buildings and landscape, following the contours of a highly-topographic site to realise a nine-tiered school in Revin, France. With the majority of the 18,000 sq-m site covered in green roofing, it would be fairly easy – amongst the planted landscape – to miss this altogether if we didn’t point it out to you!

In other news: we investigate how so-called ‘touristic architecture’ is shaping cities like Barcelona; Vens and Vanbelle show off their most recent projects with an unusual photographic approach; and Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes talks about her first 1825 days as an architect at OMA – and what happened next.

Some articles from this issue

Casa Tumán by Studio Selva. Photos Nicolás Saieh

Studio Selva's hands-on experience reveals a new side of architecture

PUERTECILLO – Architects Johan Selbing and Alondra Paz Vargas spent five months on site in Chile, stripping eucalyptus branches, mixing mud and stacking straw bales.


Out Now: Mark #68 – Jun/Jul 2017

In what we have nicknamed 'the housing issue', Mark #68 brings you a whopping 24 new homes from around the globe.


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PEM Vitré by Tetrarc. Photos Stephane Chalmeau / Thomas Vittu / Celine Lejamtel

Tetrarc's respectful footbridge observes the town's historical architecture

VITRÉ – The Pole d'Echange Multimodal (a sort of 'transport system') connects the local SNCF train station with the centre of a quaint medieval town.

The project is a revolt against the rapid development taking place all over China.

ADARC Associates' Heyue footbridge breaks free of China's rapid construction pattern

FOSHAN – According to ADARC Associates, the bridge is 'a mutual effort of government and architects, aiming to break away from the Chinese style impetuous development pattern.'

The dynamic interior mural integrates various contrasting geometric shapes.

SFC Bridge integrates public art for dynamic pedestrian infrastructure

TORONTO – A striking bridge in Canada offers an imaginative solution to pedestrian mobility through a fusion of art and architecture.

An irregular pattern of flower beds are placed along four lanes, each 2-m wide.

Benthem Crouwel raises a park above the railway tracks

’S-HERTOGENBOSCH – Located in a newly-developed urban district of the Netherlands, Paleisbrug is an elevated park, bicycle path and pedestrian bridge all in one.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68


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Mark A-to-Z: F is for Façade

Mark A-to-Z: F is for Façade

We bring you five projects that take the façade into extra special consideration. Whether it's a new building or a renovation to an existing one, it's what's on the outside that counts.

Nuages Housing by XTU Architects. Photos David Foessel

XTU Architects inspires the reality of living in the sky

PARIS – Protected by a small garden, Nuages – which translates as 'clouds' – is an eight-storey residential project that was inspired by its environment.

85 Championnet by Chartier-Corbasson. Photos Romain Meffre / Yves Marchand

Chartier-Corbasson's forged façade adds a fresh face to a traditional street

PARIS – The residences on Rue Championnet were built during the Haussmann era of the mid-19th century, with each structure mimicking the appearance of the next.

Mark A-to-Z: A is for Aluminium

Mark A-to-Z: A is for Aluminium

The versatility of this sheet material is what makes it an excellent way to kick-start the Mark A-to-Z, with five projects that incorporate aluminium into their design.

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