Articles on Colour

Vendsyssel Theatre by Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Photos Adam Mørk

Schmidt Hammer Lassen's composition of cubes opens visual connections

HJØRRING – Vendsyssel Theatre is already famous as ‘Denmark’s first newly-built theatre in over a century (outside of Copenhagen).'

Copenhagen School by C.F. Møller Architects. Photos Adam Mørk

C.F. Møller Architects' pixelated façade generates a powerful secret

COPENHAGEN – There is an influx of new architecture in the Danish capital right now and, in the midst of the building rampage, the city's largest school was inaugurated last month.

Matryoshka House by Shift. Photos Noortje Knulst

Shift's Matryoshka House questions the relationship between living spaces

Rotterdam – A run-down townhouse has been fixed up into two high-end apartments, stripped down to its bare bones with smaller elements suspended in the tall voids.

Paris School by Ameller, Dubois & Associés. Photos Guillaume Guérin

Ameller & Dubois' school building counteracts the faux-neoclassicism of its famous surroundings

Serris – Completed at the end of 2016, a timber-clad educational complex sits 40-km east of Paris and a 30-minute walk from Disneyland.

Common Ground by Urbantainer. Photos Kyungsub Shin / Young Kim

Urbantainer breaks down the negative stereotypes of modular building

SEOUL – Built from 200 shipping containers over a 5300-sq-m area, Common Ground is the world’s largest retail platform made of container modules.

A fabric façade of brightly coloured vertical stripes in Aubusson references the town’s tapestry-making tradition. Photo Daniel Rousselot

Tapestry traditions influence a striped façade for a re-used building

AUBUSSON – Terreneuve clads a 1960s building in a coat of many colours.

Vibrant surfaces inspired by 1970s super graphics bring brutalist interiors back to life. Photo Brett Boardman

Super-duper bright and brutal graphics connect space for education

BRISBANE – M3 Architecture has employed vibrant super graphics inspired by Pancho Guedes to create an environment for chance meetings, shared ideas and joy.


Jean Verville facilitates a family's everyday life in the brightest colours

QUEBEC CITY – Fahouse is a modern version of the cabin in the woods which ticks all the boxes without being too square.

Temporary, galvanised-steel structures respond to the site’s past contexts while remaining adaptable to future contexts.

Izaskun Chinchilla reanimates a ruin with a bizarre but socially-conscious renovation

CASTILLO DE GARCIMUÑOZ – Just under 25 percent of Spain's 2,440 castles are considered to be in a good state of preservation.

The firm explains: 'We possess a singular vision: we design objects that attract people and encourage social interaction.'

100architects shrinks Shanghai's skyline into spatial seating for Bar Rouge

SHANGHAI – Offering exclusive views, the new VIP Lounge at Bar Rouge plays on the typography of the urban setting.

Tantalising passers-by, digitalised installations playfully display snippets from movies on show at the cinema.

Loci Anima's radical cinema design brings people and genres together

PARIS – Les Fauvettes is a futuristic building transformation for the celebration of restored classical movies.

The project run by Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine invites two architecture firms to ‘battle’ within the space.

FREAKS and FormaBoom paint an architect's battleground with a fire extinguisher

PARIS – Plateforme de la Creation Architecturale is a new venue dedicated to architectural exhibitions and debates which recently opened in Paris.