Articles on Japan


Yoshiyasu Mizuno disguises the full scale of a timber house on a confined site

FUJIEDA – Being considerate to the neighbours was a prerequisite for a residential commission where the client's plot was on the vacant land next to his parents.


A timber shell by ihrmk keeps interior space adaptable

TOYOTA – A sports clinic on the edge of a national highway isn't something that you see every day but that's exactly where recreational healthcare company Grow has set-up shop.


A louvered façade infiltrates light into Studio Sumo's student accommodation

TOGANE – With the latest census showing a worrying decline in Japan's population, universities must adapt in order to attract international students to take up study opportunities.


OH Architecture Studio introduces a new approach to indoor/outdoor flow

TOKUSHIMA – OH Architecture Studio designs a sunshade that mediates the external environment.


MAD wraps up a timber structure to form a kindergarten

OKAZAKI – Beijing-based MAD Architects has designed an organic veil wrapped around the framework of the former house beneath.


Roovice architect firm sparks the appetite for Miyagawa Bagels

MIURA – A recent renovation in a Japanese coastal village might result in culinary superlatives.


Japan's architecture is for the children of the future

FUNABASHI – Relying on nature, Amanemori Nursery by Japanese architects Aisaka Architects' Atelier creates a playful enviroment to inspire and challenge a new generation.


Tetsuo Kobori Architects enlivens a research facility with natural forces

HAMAMATSU – In its new research and development building, a Japanese automotive filtration company can take inspiration from the environment for its innovations.


UME Architects' depth-defining design feature envelops a Japanese residence

KYOTO – Surrounded by the Higashiyama mountains, the decision to wrap the Corner House in a voluminous band blurs the division between inside and out.


Noma Bar's treehouse turns illustration into architectural form

KOMORO – Noma Bar becomes the first non-Japanese artist to be asked to participate in the Tree House project and turn his illustrations into architectural form at the Momofuku Ando …


FORM/Kouichi Kimura's metal clad house embodies a Japanese gate

SHIGA – Set amidst a traditional Japanese landscape of farmlands and a Torii Gate, Kouichi Kimura's minimalist house is shaped around an outdoor courtyard.


FORM/Kouichi Kimura uses minimal elements to emphasise space

SHIGA – The unadorned yet striking house by Kouichi Kimura has an emphasis on each element of the residence.