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Mark A-to-Z: C is for Concrete

Mark A-to-Z: C is for Concrete

We take a look at five projects that have benefited from the qualities of concrete as a durable resource for family residences, public buildings and tiny houses.

Ajiroen Shop by Tyrant Inc. Photos Tomoki Hirokawa

Tyrant Inc challenges anxiety by creating tension

TOKYO – A shop for specialist tea brand Ajiroen adds the final piece to a five-part puzzle in a city 50-km west of Tokyo.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68
Terada House by Yoshiyasu Mizuno. Photos Yoshiharu Hama / Studio Melos

Yoshiyasu Mizuno disguises the full scale of a timber house on a confined site

FUJIEDA – Being considerate to the neighbours was a prerequisite for a residential commission where the client's plot was on the vacant land next to his parents.

Plain Wood Base by ihrmk. Photos Takuya Furusue

A timber shell by ihrmk keeps interior space adaptable

TOYOTA – A sports clinic on the edge of a national highway isn't something that you see every day but that's exactly where recreational healthcare company Grow has set-up shop.

iHouse Dormitory by Studio Sumo. Photos Kawasami Kobayashi Photograph Office

A louvered façade infiltrates light into Studio Sumo's student accommodation

TOGANE – With the latest census showing a worrying decline in Japan's population, universities must adapt in order to attract international students to take up study opportunities.


OH Architecture Studio introduces a new approach to indoor/outdoor flow

TOKUSHIMA – OH Architecture Studio designs a sunshade that mediates the external environment.

A white complex form appears as a skin drooping over the existing structure. Photo Koji Fuji

MAD wraps up a timber structure to form a kindergarten

OKAZAKI – Beijing-based MAD Architects has designed an organic veil wrapped around the framework of the former house beneath.

Beams of light and traditional woods set the mood.

Roovice architect firm sparks the appetite for Miyagawa Bagels

MIURA – A recent renovation in a Japanese coastal village might result in culinary superlatives.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68
Juicy green inspires the next generation.

Japan's architecture is for the children of the future

FUNABASHI – Relying on nature, Amanemori Nursery by Japanese architects Aisaka Architects' Atelier creates a playful enviroment to inspire and challenge a new generation.

Wood floors and furnishings and a paper ceiling draw on both the forested setting and traditional Japanese architecture.

Tetsuo Kobori Architects enlivens a research facility with natural forces

HAMAMATSU – In its new research and development building, a Japanese automotive filtration company can take inspiration from the environment for its innovations.

Upper floors are dedicated to a multi-use living space, to support social interaction between family members.

UME Architects' depth-defining design feature envelops a Japanese residence

KYOTO – Surrounded by the Higashiyama mountains, the decision to wrap the Corner House in a voluminous band blurs the division between inside and out.

The view house resembles the profile of a bird, blending into the trees with green and yellow exterior details which blends into the trees.

Noma Bar's treehouse turns illustration into architectural form

KOMORO – Noma Bar becomes the first non-Japanese artist to be asked to participate in the Tree House project and turn his illustrations into architectural form at the Momofuku Ando …