A School

GORDOLA – Pia Durisch and Aldo Nolli’s design for a school in Gordola, in Switzerland, sits gleaming in the commercial zone of the small town, paying tribute to the area’s industrial structures, whilst its silhouette also refers to the mountains.

The vocational education centre is a school for future building-industry entrepreneurs. It sits over two-storeys and rises from a 150-x-30-m platform with a broad, encompassing deck around its perimeter. As a precaution against flooding, 68 stilts lift the platform 2 m above ground level.

Inside, the slopes of the sawtooth roof provide the school’s workshops with natural light. Many of the partitions are glazed also, creating a simple and flexible space that can be easily navigated and watched over. Working could be difficult though, as the vast porch is a constant calling to the glorious landscape views.


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