Enrique Norten’s vision for Centro University becomes a reality

In a premier institution that cultivates creative thinking, Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos was commissioned to design the new campus at Centro University. Known as one of Latin America’s pioneer institutions for higher learning, in the field of creativity, Centro provides the opportunity for students to turn passion and talent into success, striking a balance between thought, practise and action. The new campus encompasses the university’s mission to reimagine creative education with a more specialised dynamic, atmosphere that is all inclusive.

Located on one of the busiest avenues in Mexico City amidst the bustling landscape, the multi-building urban complex is four volumes above grade, interconnecting expanded facilities with an overlapping volumetric composition. With a spacious courtyard in the centre of the campus, the centralised space amplifies a sense of openness, while blocking noise and visual traffic from the surrounding busy avenue. The design integrates interior studios and outdoor work areas, offering distinct types of learning environments that promote fluid teaching methods between various creative disciplines.

The campus facilitates a range of spaces including a four-storey media library containing a variety of specialised collections, film studios and workshop studios with relative furnishings and the latest technology. A multifunctional auditorium equipped with advanced acoustics and lighting aspects that are adjustable, provides a platform for students to collaborate and showcase the work they create. An impressive large-scale exterior staircase – designed by Mexican-based artist Jan Hendrix – provides an interactive space for students to spend leisurely time resulting in a more socially-interactive campus space. Centro University’s new campus will be officially inaugurated with a series of special events beginning on 29 September 2015, celebrating the achievements and kick-starting the dynamic learning atmosphere.

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