Furillen Black Lodge Resort by Jägnefält Milton

GOTLAND ISLAND – Swedish architectural firm Jägnefält Milton is adding a surprisingly simple – and somewhat eerie – touch to a luxury hotel on Gotland Island.

The studio has revealed renderings of its plans to build individual cabins as part of the Furillen resort. The no-frills cabins will be made of pine trees sourced from the immediate surroundings. Users will be able to manipulate exterior side panels, which can either open to offer views or shut during the nighttime, like a type of tent.

‘Considering all the luxury amenities in the resort, we wanted this to be something completely different,’ says architect Konrad Milton of Jägnefält Milton.

Inside, guests will find only a cast iron stove (which will double as a heater), a stool and wooden board that can act as a table, bench and bed. The cabins will be realized in summer 2012.


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