Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

House in Keyaki by SNARK and OUVI

HONJO – Japanese architects Sunao Koase and Yu Yamada of SNARK and Shin Yokoo of OUVI got together once again to design a family home in a small corner plot in Keyaki, a small area in Honjo, Japan. The lack of public transportation in the area meant that the architects had to allow space for parking, which they did by elevating the design and setting back the house to one side of the plot.

The bronze-coloured metal cladding façade contrasts with the warm, minimal interior made up of wooden furniture and flooring and white walls that, together with the triangular light wells, help spread daylight across the house.

A slender design, the open divisions and the positioning of the narrow, vertical glazed openings in the eastern and western façades further allow the interiors to be bathed by natural light throughout the day.

The staircase was placed at the centre of the house so that, together with the furniture, it helps divide the open spaces that make up this 106-sq-m house into various living areas. On the ground floor, the stairs divide the kitchen and the living room, while on the first floor they separate a bedroom from a study. The second floor comprises a small attic-like room and the rooftop terrace.


Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

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