Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

House with Empty Lot by ON design

FUJISAWA – Split into his side and her side, with a large ‘empty lot’ in the middle, a house in Fujisawa (just south of Tokyo) reveals hybrid living.

Japan-based architects ON design called the project ‘House with Empty Lot,’ owing to its triple-height open, and somewhat empty, living space between the separate sides – one geared towards her musical hobbies and the other towards his surfing.

Akin to a doll’s house, the wooden structure is exposed on either side, showing the different activities which occupy the spaces. The general form possesses a slight kink, revealing one side of the house at an angle.

The large central void is open to the roof space, where rooflights and high-level windows let light penetrate the area. The house is situated in a dense area, where the immediate sides have little opportunity for natural daylight, especially given the internal arrangement, where both sides occupy their full vertical scope. The architects lift the apertures above adjacent houses to allow light to enter.

ON design have clearly created an interesting way of interpreting boundaries within a house. 'This couple is in a really good relationship, but they do require some distance from each other. In this house they can look down on the big empty lot from their balconies. They can meet each other at any time in the communal space. The distance I created feels good to them,' says architect Osamu Nishida. 


This project was featured in more detail in Mark #40's Perspective section, including an interview with the architects.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

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