Hyttgårdsparken by 42 Architects

FALUN – 42 Architects have recently completed a Skateboarding Park in Falun, Sweden, that attempts to connect the city’s modern activities with its rich history.

More than six years after they first lobbied local politicians and stakeholders for the development of the park, this London-based studio established by Johan Berglund saw their design materialize.

‘We value the small scale and the intricate,’ the architects explain, ‘we put great emphasis on achieving high quality detailing, atmosphere and materiality, regardless of the size of project and budget’. This becomes obvious when we look at Hyttgårdsparken. Situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Area, which includes the Great Copper Mine, the surrounding areas of slag mounds, old workers cottages and remnants of historical industrial production, the park’s concrete surfaces mimic the surrounding topography.

According to the architects, this blend of old and new was achieved through an archeological approach to the design where they ‘created a park that exists as a series of perceived trenches, in which concrete surfaces have been discovered and exposed’.

The skatepark is the first phase of the architects’ project for a public activity park. Phase two of the design will serve to emphasize the inclusive and inviting nature of the park, with more green areas as well as spaces for other activities being added.


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