Ishida Ophthalmology Clinic

NIIGATA – Japanese architect Masaki Imamura has designed an ophthalmology clinic in Niigata, inspired by the city’s heavy winter snowfalls.

‘The area can receive up to 3m of snow,’ Imamura says. ‘When is snows, it creates a picturesque scene of lights shining from house windows.’

Thus, he built an outer wall of aluminium set in a steel-frame building. The silvery-white façade resembles the ‘snow’ with a series of windows in different sizes scattered across its surface. At night, interior LED lights omit from the windows, projecting a warm glow.

Inside, the first floor has a lounge and café ‘where people of the snowy city can gather,’ Imamura says. The higher levels include the ophthalmology clinic facilities: two operating rooms, 10 sick rooms, plus a bright room and dark room (necessary for specific treatments).

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