Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

Tower House by GLUCK+

NEW YORK CITY – Looking for the optimal arrangement of the primary building blocks that would constitute Tower House – living room, kitchen, three bedrooms with adjoining baths – New York City-based studio GLUCK+ set out to ‘accentuate the experience of the site’. The result is a ‘tree house for grown-ups’ that is mindful of its natural surroundings and indebted to its geographical location: a mountainous area affording astonishing views.

We are proud to be the first to release the studio’s video about this bold project in upstate New York:

In the article about Tower House that was published in Mark#44, we printed the name of the studio as Peter Gluck and Partners. The studio had launched its new identity and website in April and it is now GLUCK+.


This project was featured in more detail in Mark #44's Cross Section, including an interview with one of the partners, Tom Gluck.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

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