Articles on Structure


Arturo Franco describes his latest project as 'a catalogue of solutions'

Cáceres – Arturo Franco is perhaps most famously known in the industry for realising multiple interventions in the Matadero warehouse complex (former slaughterhouse) in Madrid.


Yoshiyasu Mizuno disguises the full scale of a timber house on a confined site

FUJIEDA – Being considerate to the neighbours was a prerequisite for a residential commission where the client's plot was on the vacant land next to his parents.


Marc Fornes' structural stripes demonstrate the strength of wafer thin materials

ORLANDO – Marc Fornes talks to Mark about how the design for Under Magnitude evolved from his past research and why strength relies on geometry, not in materials.


Matthew Butcher and associates designs a mobile cabin for writers' residency

An unconventional structure will be travelling along Hadrian's Wall in the north of England over the next few months to host writers, poets and thinkers.


Finch Buildings crafts modular boxes as a flexible solution with durability

AMSTERDAM – A Dutch company designs standardised units that are made from wood and could set new standards for sustainable construction.


De Resident maintains a pair of postmodern towers in The Hague

THE HAGUE – A multidisciplinary team of Dutch practices – Cepezed and HofmanDujardin – transforms and connects two 1990s towers to invigorate ministry offices.


Theverymany formulates a self-supporting amphitheatre with 990 aluminium shingles

ARGELÈS-SUR-MER – Using a computational process, Marc Fornes created a permanent installation which forms an energetic addition to a high school in southern France.


Fifteen architecture firms gave Paris’ longest building a new lease of life

PARIS – A large-scale urban renewal project in Paris is nearing completion with various architecture firms collaborating on the renovation.


Re:Build project provides a safeguard for Syrian refugees

AMMAN – Re-deployable building systems provide a safe shelter for displaced populations in Jordan.


Gijs Van Vaerengerh breaks down the logic of the labyrinth

GENK – Gijs Van Vaerengerh – a collective of young Belgian architects and artists – completed its latest installation, aptly named Labyrinth.


TomDavid deploys a temporary storage solution for Rotterdam's cruise passenger overflow

ROTTERDAM – Dutch architecture firm TomDavid installed a pop-up baggage handling space of retractable walls beneath the existing cruise passenger terminal.


NPS Tchoban Voss's stacked residence sports a cantilever

POTSDAM – Nps Tchoban Voss completed the construction of a private residence located in a small forest clearing in Wilhelmshorst near Potsdam.