Articles on Sustainability

Unilever Headquarters Jakarta by Aedas. Photos Owen Raggett

Horizontal is the new vertical in Aedas’ recently opened office complex

JAKARTA – Aedas makes it its mission to set out for a new frontier in workplace design as it completes the Unilever Indonesian headquarters.

Four units are stacked to form a spacious apartment with two offices below.

Finch Buildings crafts modular boxes as a flexible solution with durability

AMSTERDAM – A Dutch company designs standardised units that are made from wood and could set new standards for sustainable construction.

Out Now: Mark #69
Out Now: Mark #69
The mountain panorama translated into an urban setting.

Green development fertilises Clichy-Batignolles district in Paris' periphery

PARIS – A sustainable development by Atelier Du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects is uprooting the outskirts of Paris for a new landscape.

A 'green' school complex is designed as part of a new sustainable development in North-Eastern France.

An eco-school complex is designed for a new sustainable development in North-Eastern France

SIN-LE-NOBLE – The site connects the existing district of Epis and the new district of Le Raquet, offering educational facilities for both areas.

The Ecocapsule’s spherical shape is selected due to the form’s small surface area to internal volume.

Nice Architects delves into details about the Ecocapsule

The first truly independent micro-home allows people to reach new frontiers with the luxury of a hotel room.

The building sits to the north of a rail embankment in Paris’s 13th arrondissement.

Pushed Slab by MVRDV

PARIS – Those working in the new building will have access to a variety of covered, outdoor spaces where the floor plates intersect and overlap.

The building’s wide range of materials and sustainable technologies are inspired by the research that takes place under its roof.

Advanced Engineering Building by Richard Kirk and HASSELL

BRISBANE – The University of Queensland's Brisbane Campus recently opened an academic building that practises what it preaches, housing a wide variety of materials and sustainable …

Ito’s Science Hills occupy a former factory site in Komatsu, a Japanese manufacturing hub.

Science Hills Komatsu by Mari Ito/UAo

KOMATSU – Mari Ito's winning design for Science Hills Komatsu is rich with sustainable technologies and continues the Japanese dialogue on landform building.

Out Now: Mark #69
Out Now: Mark #69
The structure is the centrepiece of the world conference on digital fabrication held in Barcelona.

Endesa World Fab Condenser by Margen-Lab

BARCELONA – This pavilion in Barcelona shows architects applying digital design tools within a sustainable paradigm.

The education building is executed using the firm’s trademark minimalist aesthetic.

Grotius Building by Benthem Crouwel Architects

NIJMEGEN – The recently finished Faculty of Law is a glass pavilion that contains a lively mix of functions and thorough sustainability measures.

The House for Trees combines the need for green spaces with housing in Ho Chi Minh City.

Rebel Architecture: Greening the City

VIETNAM – Vietnamese architect tries to channel the rapid economic growth of his country into a more sustainable way of building.

The school replaces an earlier structure that was severely damaged in a typhoon.

High School Tazin by Ackermann & Raff

TAZIN – A small school becomes an example of sustainable building in Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar.