Articles on White

White Clouds by More Architects and Poggi Architecture. Photos Javier Callejas

More Architects' cloud clusters promote heavenly living

SAINTES – With the French government demanding that at least 20 per cent of every city is offered as social housing, many new developments are being built.

Terada House by Yoshiyasu Mizuno. Photos Yoshiharu Hama / Studio Melos

Yoshiyasu Mizuno disguises the full scale of a timber house on a confined site

FUJIEDA – Being considerate to the neighbours was a prerequisite for a residential commission where the client's plot was on the vacant land next to his parents.

High House by Delordinaire. Photos Olivier Blouin

Delordinaire plays with the archetype of a home to create interesting relationships

QUEBEC CITY – The design of a private residence piques the interest of passing bears and accommodates the client's wishes for a platform to take in the sublime views.

The newest expansion to the Corning Museum of Glass by Thomas Phifer and Partners exudes tranquillity.

Corning Museum of Glass expansion makes the trademark material's simplicity transparent

CORNING – Thomas Phifer and Partners restore the modernist museum building of the Corning Museum of Glass and attach an addition which exudes the potential of glass.

The white, angular building appears to coil vertically and nestle back onto itself, wrapping around a private courtyard.

Nathanael Dorent and Mark Havasi reject rigid housing with a spiralling residence

BIEVILLE-BEUVILLE – Maison Spirale in northern France is created as a revolt against the rigidity of standardised housing developments.

The Winter Gardens, located in Paris, consist of 98 housing units and 200 exterior conservatories.

BVAU designs adjustable outdoor space

PARIS – A housing unit in France adds a functional twist to the average built balcony space.

The building resides in a medieval city with a rich historical background.

J. Mayer H. unleashes an urban renewal project in a medieval city

JENA – In a city where the roots of history run deep, an imprint of modern architecture is making its presence known.

The stadium by Herzog & de Meuron will be one of the stages in the 2016 European Football Championship.

Herzog & de Meuron's stadium embraces grace

BORDEAUX – Herzog & de Meuron completes the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux combining smooth curves and straight lines, creating an uplifting stadium.

The front façade of the new intervention is fully glazed and recessed in order to highlight the historical mansion.

Cordoba-ReUrbano residential units find harmony

MEXICO CITY – A residential building development by Cadaval & Sola-Morales takes root inside a house of historical value.

This single-family residence by ihrmk has an envelope that mimics the motion of Japan's terraced rice fields.

Passage of Landscape by ihrmk emulates the Japanese pastoral

TOYOTA – A residence in Toyota embodies the image of terraced rice fields in form and composition.

The firm focused most of its stylistic renovations on an existing courtyard that had been cut out of the shed volume during the original renovation.

Andrew Maynard Architects' warehouse becomes a home

MELBOURNE – 'Converted warehouse' might sound like a hip house-flip but can overlook the fact that the space now stores humans rather than objects.

A garage and dental office sit at ground level while a house, barely resting on their edges, bridges the gap between them.

Nagasawa Dental Clinic by Kunihiko Matsuba

TOKYO – In Hachioji, about forty kilometres to the west of Tokyo, Kunihiko Matsuba of TYRANT has designed a small complex that accommodates a dental clinic and a house.