Articles on Angular

15 Residential Units by Metaform. Photos Steve Troes Fotodesign

Metaform coils 15 residential units around a curve on a slope

LUXEMBOURG CITY – No sane architect has grand dreams of building on a curved site with an aggressively-steep topography.

Benoit & Roselyne House by Dixneufquatrevingtsix. Photos Florian Kleinefenn

Dixneufcentquatrevingtsix frames the landscape by merging structure and sculpture

NIMES – A modern extension has been added to Benoît and Roselyne's traditional farmhouse in the south of France in order to accommodate a growing family.

Deep House by Poly.m.ur. Photos Kyungsub Shin

Poly.m.ur's Deep House is a culmination of solutions for a brief of clashing elements

SEOUL – Keeping in line with Korean building regulations isn't the easiest part of an architect's job. Keeping clients happy isn't always a breeze either.

Ogden Centre Durham University by Studio Libeskind. Photos Hufton + Crow

Studio Libeskind's sharp geometry creates a centre for world-class research

Durham – Inaugurated earlier this month, the Ogden Centre West building opens up further space for the expanding student population in the North East of the United Kingdom.

Terada House by Yoshiyasu Mizuno. Photos Yoshiharu Hama / Studio Melos

Yoshiyasu Mizuno disguises the full scale of a timber house on a confined site

FUJIEDA – Being considerate to the neighbours was a prerequisite for a residential commission where the client's plot was on the vacant land next to his parents.

Les Closiaux Gymnasium by Dominique Coulon et Associés. Photos Eugeni Pons

Dominique Coulon & Associés presents a levitating ceiling and a floating concrete slab

CLAMART – With a self-confessed signature style of oblique, bold volumes that distort depending on the viewing angle, Les Closiaux gymnasium is the epitome of the studio’s work.

Hollwich Kushner has transformed the former industrial building into a 21st century 'ideas factory'

Hollwich Kushner's angular elevation accommodates space for new ideas

PHILADELPHIA – An old paint factory has been renovated into a 21st century platform for innovation and social engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.

The frieze announces the exhibition programme thanks to a special arrangement of LED lights within the bricks. Photo Julian Salinas/Kuntsmuseum Basel

Christ & Gantenbein constructs a contemporary ruin in Basel

BASEL – The Kunstmuseum Basel needed an extension when the historical main building across the street became too small for its collection of 300,000 objects.

The Ulma Family Museum glows in poignant russet steel.

Nizio Design's International's sharply designed museum remembers thanks

MARKOWA – The recently opened Ulma Family Museum pays tribute to Poles saving Jewish people. The terminology of remembrance has rarely been displayed clearer.

The design had to negotiate a challenging triangular plot without imposing too much on its surroundings.

SOM conceives a permeable headquarters for Geneva Business District

GENEVA – An American firm takes on delicate physical and environmental constraints with new JTI building.

The building resides in a medieval city with a rich historical background.

J. Mayer H. unleashes an urban renewal project in a medieval city

JENA – In a city where the roots of history run deep, an imprint of modern architecture is making its presence known.

A bold, multifaceted volume sits comfortably among more conservative neighbours.

House in Luxembourg by Polaris

LUXEMBOURG – Perched on a hillside in Luxembourg, a compact single-family home by Polaris Architects really stands out in some aspects; in others, it coolly blends in.