Articles on Danish Design

Skovbakkeskolen by CEBRA. Photo Adam Mørk

Kids are royalty in this village-like school by CEBRA

ODDER – Complete with a series of plazas in the interior, playful fenestration, and pitched roofs, the students are encouraged to run freely throughout the building and rule the day.

Axel Towers by Landgaard & Tranberg. Photo Jens Lindhe

Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects fuses towers and functions together

COPENHAGEN – Five circular towers have been fused together to form a complex of offices, retail and parking in the centre of the Danish capital.

Tirpitz Blavand Bunker Museum by BIG. Photo Rasmus Hjortshoj / Rasmus Bendix

BIG buries a sanctuary of light into the sand of a former war zone

BLAAVAND – The Tirpitz bunker is the biggest and heaviest of 200 bunkers along the Danish coast and has been turned into collection of museums.

Surrounded by a pond, entering the aquarium will metaphorically feel like being pulled under water.

Blue Planet Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – Danish architecture firm 3XN has won a competition to build an aquarium shaped modelled after a vortex of water.

‘We have tried to create a building that can be a catalyst for social affiliation with the city,’ Herforth Nielsen says.

Nieuwegein City Hall

NIEUWEGEIN – In the Dutch town of Nieuwegein, about 45km south of Amsterdam, a new city hall is seeking to create a stronger, more cohesive community.

The structure will seek to unite past and present.

3XN Wins Competition

UPPSALA – Danish architectural firm 3XN has won a competition to build the new university building for Sweden’s Uppsala University.

The structure connects independent housing with the social streets of a village neighbourhood.

8 House by BIG

COPENHAGEN – Danish firm BIG has been selected recipient of the 2012 AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture, for its design of the 8 House in Copenhagen.

‘With simple means we transformed an existing, sad and anonymous building to a unique and respectful installation,’ the architects say.

Mirror House

COPENHAGEN – In Copenhagen’s Central Park, what was a graffiti-ridden playground has been transformed into a mirrored pavilion by Danish firm MLRP.


The greatest merit of the architecture is that it encourages a community feeling.

Copenhagen Healthcare Centre

COPENHAGEN – ‘Create a healthcare centre that is more like a home and less like a hospital.’

The structure will resemble a highly-evolved log cabin.

Kimball Art Center

PARK CITY – Danish firm BIG has revealed its design concept for the Kimball Art Center competition, to be constructed in Park City, Utah.

The structure could be used as a concert or exhibition venue, board walk, boat pier, market place or banquet hall.

St. Petersburg Pier ‘Wave’

ST. PETERSBURG – It seems like a week can’t go by without another major announcement from Danish firm BIG!

The buildings arc around a central piazza at the heart of the resort.

Koutalaki Ski Village Design

LEVI – The latest in a slew of new project designs from BIG is plan to transform a ski resort in Levi, Finland.