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Nobu Hotel by Ben Adams. Photos Nicholas Worley

Ben Adams pierces through the Shoreditch scene

LONDON – The striking front of the building punctures into the public scene with open-ended beams.

Casa Tumán by Studio Selva. Photos Nicolás Saieh

Studio Selva's hands-on experience reveals a new side of architecture

PUERTECILLO – Architects Johan Selbing and Alondra Paz Vargas spent five months on site in Chile, stripping eucalyptus branches, mixing mud and stacking straw bales.

Common Ground by Urbantainer. Photos Kyungsub Shin / Young Kim

Urbantainer breaks down the negative stereotypes of modular building

SEOUL – Built from 200 shipping containers over a 5300-sq-m area, Common Ground is the world’s largest retail platform made of container modules.


Marc Fornes' structural stripes demonstrate the strength of wafer thin materials

ORLANDO – Marc Fornes talks to Mark about how the design for Under Magnitude evolved from his past research and why strength relies on geometry, not in materials.


Is architectural photography dead?

Architectural photographer Duccio Malagamba comments on recent developments in his profession.

Social City Exhibition at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen. Photo Droog Design

Droog Design utilises virtual reality as a tool to develop actual reality

AMSTERDAM – Droog combines data crowdsourcing with User Centred Design methodologies to create a virtual city of maximum diversity and identity to use as a tool for real world design.


Ben van Berkel talks about his new book Knowledge Matters published by Frame

In 2013, UNStudio organised itself as an 'open-source architecture studio'. Sharing the outcome of the move in this interview, Ben van Berkel also discusses his new book Knowledge Matters.

A Grade-II listed tin church, bought flat-packed from a catalogue in 1880.

The Modern House is an estate agency that lifts the spirits

LONDON – Since Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill founded The Modern House in 2005, the duo has sold some of the UK's most exceptional properties.

Local architect Jarrik Ouburg gives us an exclusive insight into the temporary premise for Restaurant Vermeer.

Architects Freyke Hartemink and Jarrik Ouburg insert a restaurant into Amsterdam's oldest chapel

AMSTERDAM – Local architect Jarrik Ouburg explains: 'Similar to the way painter Johannes Vermeer used interior elements to define a space, we used elements to transform the chapel.'

The firm sought to preserve the existing structure and character of the site whilst altering it into something new.

DP6 roughens Neushoorn school-slash-music-venue's edges with reused bricks

LEEUWARDEN – The integrated music venue and school building takes on a more rough and ready approach than the firm’s usual refined aesthetic.

Lamas House – A concrete layer wraps the first floor, offering privacy whilst allowing light to filter into the centre of the site.

Moarqs discusses its venture into residential design with three distinct projects

Ignacio Montaldo, founder of Buenos Aires-based architectural practice Moarqs, speaks to us about how the firm seeks to challenge its own perception of design.

The new front façade of copper drapes ‘cost a small fortune and blocked out the light’. Photo courtesy of Michel Denancé

Barry Fantoni divulges the local reality of L’École d'art du Calaisis

CALAIS – Mark magazine reader and Calais resident Barry Fantoni offers his observations of the project as a counterpoint to our own coverage of the art school.