Articles on Lighting

Solid Concrete by ASWA. Photos Ketsiree Wongwan

ASWA proves it’s what’s inside that counts

BANGKOK – The client, a Thai artist, preferred privacy in the lively neighbourhood and the architects delivered just that.

Vendsyssel Theatre by Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Photos Adam Mørk

Schmidt Hammer Lassen's composition of cubes opens visual connections

HJØRRING – Vendsyssel Theatre is already famous as ‘Denmark’s first newly-built theatre in over a century (outside of Copenhagen).'

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016–17. Photos Lauren Teague/Benthem Crouwel Architects

Natural phenomena transform into a festival of light

AMSTERDAM – Local firms UNStudio and Benthem Crouwel Architects reveal the potential of biomimicry for the future of architecture at the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Platform-L by Joho Architecture. Photos Namgoong Sun

Joho Architecture on what to do with space you're not allowed to use

SEOUL – It's what's on the outside that counts. At least, that's what the building regulations in the Korean district of Gangnam would have you believe.

The jury recognised twelve design proposals submitted by students from six different countries.

International VELUX Award 2014

VIENNA – Students, teachers, and professionals gathered in Vienna Thursday evening to celebrate the International VELUX Award for architecture students.

The viewing pavilion was part of Vivid Sydney’s spectacular light installations.

Cellular Tessellation by Chris Knapp

SYDNEY – Architectural researchers designed and built a site-specific viewing pavilion using computational techniques.

The project explores the aesthetic potential of forsaken urban territories.

Into the Shadow by NIO Architecten

AMSTERDAM – A covered passageway in is transformed into a spatially and functionally attractive infrastructure.

The canopy embeds immersive design and interactive narratives in physical architecture.

Vana by Orproject

NEW DELHI – The Vana installation uses a series of algorithms to create brightly-lit columns, branching out to form a tree-like canopy above an exhibition hall.

This underground extension stands as the first of its kind in Italy.

Hannah Arendt Vocational High School by Cleaa

BOLZANO – The extension of the Hannah Arendt Vocational School proudly stands as the first underground educational establishment in the country.

The geodesic steel dome structure recalls traditional Chinese paper lanterns.

Rising Moon by Daydreamers Design

HONG KONG – Friends and relatives gather together, carrying brightly-lit lanterns to celebrate the full moon, a symbol of harmony and unity.

In the heart of Montreal’s cultural district, this building saw its façades transformed into a canvas of light.

La Vitrine Culturelle by Moment Factory

MONTREAL – Montreal-based Moment Factory never fails to live up to its reputation as one of the world’s leading new media and entertainment studios, at the forefront of advances in …


M_cocoon by L’atelier Woodlabo

French designer Gaël Wuithier, founder of L’atelier Woodlabo, drew inspiration from antique chandeliers to create M_cocoon.