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Axel Towers by Landgaard & Tranberg. Photo Jens Lindhe

Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects fuses towers and functions together

COPENHAGEN – Five circular towers have been fused together to form a complex of offices, retail and parking in the centre of the Danish capital.

Tel Aviv Housing by Ilan Pivko. Photos Omri Amsalem / Din Aharoni

Ilan Pivko introduces new forms to an old Jaffa neighbourhood

TEL AVIV – Florentin is one of Tel Aviv's most up-and-coming neighbourhoods and the densely-built area has a different character from the rest of the city.

Out Now: Mark #70
Out Now: Mark #70
Parking Garage by dJGA and Modulo Architects. Photos Lievan van Landschoot

Modulo and dJGA carve a canyon for a meandering parking garage

Brussels – Generally damp, unattractive and cast in concrete, the typology of the car park usually conjures up images of 1950s brutalist volumes of necessity that obscure the skyline.

The extension at this Mexican university accommodate a workshop for architecture and design students.

TID Annex is a naturally-ventilated workshop

MEXICO CITY – Ateliers Ars recently completed an extension at the ITESO University in Mexico to accommodate a workshop for architecture and design students.

‘Keeping the coloured finishes to essentially two strengthens the main building forms and their presence to the campus.’

Woods Bagot's gateway building illuminates academe

MELBOURNE – Woods Bagot's new research facility for Melbourne's Deakin University aspires to both monumental and academic prestige.

Volumes housing separate functions for the facility are stacked to create dynamic linear and proportional tensions.

DP Architects crafts an industrial facility which subverts factory standards

SINGAPORE – DP's Sunray headquarters integrates manufacturing and corporate functions into a boldly modern beacon amidst Singapore's International Furniture Hub.

The expressive, porous annexe follows the geometry of the site and reconnects two wings of the old building.

Griffith G11 Learning Common by ThomsonAdsett

GRIFFITH – The architects add outdoor, in-between spaces in this Australian library extension.

The central, top-lit space is wrapped in book shelves and forms the heart of the new media library.

Dalarna Media Library by ADEPT

FALUN – The recently completed building has become an instant success with the local university students.

Frame awards
Frame awards
A preexisting persimmon tree creates a dialogue between architecture and nature.

House M by AE5 Partners blends with its surroundings

KAGA – The house is modeled after a 'kura', or traditional Japanese small house that can be seen in most towns throughout the country.