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Mark A-to-Z: G is for Gold

Mark A-to-Z: G is for Gold

There's a distinct possibility that this shiny, metallic gesture isn't used often enough within architecture, so as a special treat, we bring you five projects that make magpies of us all.

Makris House by Kavellaris Urban Design. Photos Billy Kavellaris

KUD designs a contemporary house as a 'conversation of dualities'

MELBOURNE – Victoria is geographically the smallest state in Australia; it is also the most densely populated and this is creating a shift in its architectural language.

Frame awards
Frame awards
Chalres House by Austin Maynard Architects. Photos Peter Bennetts

Light pervades the moody spaces in Austin Maynard Architects' house of contrasts

MELBOURNE – A luscious and dynamic garden brings Charles House to life. The house itself was realised a little over a year ago but it is only now that the landscaping is finalised.

The structure is an undulating tower comprising 450 apartments, each benefitting from a corner view.

Elenberg Fraser offers a different approach to apartment living

MELBOURNE – The Australian and Vietnam-based architectural practice Elenberg Fraser recently completed a 55-storey wave-like residential tower.

A lamp from the original photograph has materialised in the scenography, which even takes on the object’s function by being illuminated at night.

KUD and Samantha Everton collide architecture with photography

MELBOURNE – An architectural firm and an artist in Melbourne collaborate to realise a photograph as a building.

The firm focused most of its stylistic renovations on an existing courtyard that had been cut out of the shed volume during the original renovation.

Andrew Maynard Architects' warehouse becomes a home

MELBOURNE – 'Converted warehouse' might sound like a hip house-flip but can overlook the fact that the space now stores humans rather than objects.

‘Keeping the coloured finishes to essentially two strengthens the main building forms and their presence to the campus.’

Woods Bagot's gateway building illuminates academe

MELBOURNE – Woods Bagot's new research facility for Melbourne's Deakin University aspires to both monumental and academic prestige.

The lobby of the existing structure leads back into the annex; a recess leads out to the yard and foreshadows the timber material beyond.

A renovation by Julie Firkin Architects stretched the suburban potential

MELBOURNE – Melbourne-based architect Julie Firkin gives her input about a local trend in residential renovations.

Frame awards
Frame awards
This project boasts a truly contemporary design while bringing out a refined classic touch.

Lothian Townhouses by FREADMANWHITE

MELBOURNE – FREADMANWHITE recently completed four townhouses in suburban North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Tardis stands as a small-scale intervention which sets the stage for contemporary suburban living.

Tardis by Edwards Moore

MELBOURNE – Australian architects Ben Edwards and Juliet Moore recently completed a subtle, small-scale intervention through which they were able to set the stage for a contemporary …

Pump House was 'largely conceptualised by the owner on free weekends and rainy Mondays'.

Pump House by Branch Studio Architects

MELBOURNE – Pump House was a collaboration between a carpenter and Branch Studio Architects in Officer, Victoria.

The bank has created a dynamic work environment in line with its organisational goals.

National Australia Bank by Woods Bagot

MELBOURNE – Woods Bagot recently completed the National Australia Bank in Melbourne’s docklands.