XTEN Architecture reconfigures Naka House as an irregular object

HOLLYWOOD HILLS – In California’s Hollywood Hills, an impractical 1960s home has – despite the odds – been remodelled into a cohesive unit. The original house was constructed as a series of interconnected terraced spaces built on a downward-sloping property. As the team at XTEN Architecture faced geotechnical, budget and zoning constraints, the structure’s blueprint remained intact.

Inside, however, the entire space was reconfigured. Ample windows were installed to reveal views of the hillside, while terraces were added to two bedrooms and in between the kitchen and living room. Lacquered cabinetry, epoxy resin floor and white surfaces result in a stark, monochromatic appeal.

The designers say while the exterior is perceived as an irregular object in its surrounding landscape, the opposite occurs inside the home. White rooms and surfaces blend together, extending space in width and height.


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