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Out Now: Mark #71 – Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

Getting ready for the holiday shopping list? Maybe the new issue of Mark can have a special place under the Christmas tree.


Out Now: Mark #70 - Oct/Nov 2017

As we head into fall, here comes a new issue of Mark to warm us up as the cold starts to seep in.

Out Now: Mark #69 – Aug/Sep 2017

Out Now: Mark #69 – Aug/Sep 2017

It's the height of the summer and we've got a shiny new issue of Mark to tickle your fancy on a warm, sunny afternoon.


Out Now: Mark #68 – Jun/Jul 2017

In what we have nicknamed 'the housing issue', Mark #68 brings you a whopping 24 new homes from around the globe.


Out Now: Mark #67 – Apr/May 2017

With a focus on apartment complexes, Mark #67 sheds light on high-rise residential towers in big cities, showing that living in communal dwellings doesn't have to be a monotonous experience.


Out Now: Mark #66 – Feb/Mar 2017

We're floating on cloud nine with all the excitement of the latest issue of Mark. Issue #66 finally sees the realisation of several long-awaited projects and it has been well worth the wait!


Out Now: Mark #65 – Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Mark #65 sees the realisation of the highly anticipated Port House in Antwerp by Zaha Hadid Architects. Are interventions always so dramatic?


Out Now: Mark #64 – Oct/Nov 2016

The age-old issue of housing supply and the decade-old issue of mass-image consumption have affected the architectural industry separately but maybe a connection can be made.


Out Now: Mark #63 – Aug/Sep 2016

Something is happening. Although coming from different corners of the globe, our contributors and protagonists seem to share a vision.


Out Now: Mark #62 – Jun/Jul 2016

Realisation while flipping through the pages of our new issue: architecture is diverse. And so is this issue of Mark. The world is full of contradictions.


Out Now: Mark #60 – Feb/Mar 2016

In Mark #60, we take a leisurely train journey across the Netherlands and stop at the nation’s upgraded train stations along the way.


Out Now: Mark #59 – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Nature meets culture in the December/January issue, Step into the Madhouse.