Articles on Photography

House for a photographer by FORM/Kouichi Kimura. Photo Norihito Yamauchi & Yoshihiro Asada

There’s more than meets the eye in FORM’s new house

SHIGA – In his hometown and apparently his architectural playground, Kouichi Kimura designed a residence for a photographer.

85 Championnet by Chartier-Corbasson. Photos Romain Meffre / Yves Marchand

Chartier-Corbasson's forged façade adds a fresh face to a traditional street

PARIS – The residences on Rue Championnet were built during the Haussmann era of the mid-19th century, with each structure mimicking the appearance of the next.


Is architectural photography dead?

Architectural photographer Duccio Malagamba comments on recent developments in his profession.

The shifting frame pattern of the façade elements is a reference taken from a camera’s closing aperture. Photo Christian Richters

Casanova+Hernandez Architects helps Albania strengthen its cultural heritage

SHKODËR – The Albanian government is seeking to improve the country's cultural sector through the repurposing of built heritage as a means to promote the nation's history.

In dialogue with nature on the outside, blending into nature from the inside.

Photographer Steve King shows aerial views of Manshausen's arctic architecture

MANSHAUSEN – A visual follow-up on Snorre Stinessen's Sea Cabins which we published in Mark #62situated on a blissful and privately owned Norwegian island.

Artist brings New York's Guggenheim to Colombia to make a statement.

Victor Enrich depicts cultural contradictions faced by South America's youth

RAFAEL URIBE URIBE – The Catalan artist has created an image series which combines his finesse in photography and 3D rendering.

Birg mich, Cilli, conversion of a farmhouse. Architect Peter Haimerl, Viechtach, Germany, 2009. Photo Edward Beierle

'And…Action!' Contemporary Architectural Photography at the Imagine Film Festival

AMSTERDAM – During the last 20 years of the twentieth century, the influence of professional architecture criticism gave rise to the photographer specialising in architecture.

The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry by Y. Platonov in Moscow, Russia.

Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone

MOSCOW – Photographers Denis Esakov and Dmitry Vasilenko set to the skies above the former Soviet Union with the use of a drone to capture previously unseen views.

The bright red wall add a pop of colour to the steel and concrete detailing (pictured: Lasalle).

Chris M Forsyth captures the essence of underground architecture

MONTREAL – A Canadian photographer goes underground and sheds light on the overlooked metro stations in Montreal.

A lamp from the original photograph has materialised in the scenography, which even takes on the object’s function by being illuminated at night.

KUD and Samantha Everton collide architecture with photography

MELBOURNE – An architectural firm and an artist in Melbourne collaborate to realise a photograph as a building.

Interior shots of the finished building appear throughout the sequence of construction.

Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe dissect the cheesegrater

LONDON – Architectural Photographer Paul Raftery reflects on his collaboration with filmmaker Dan Lowe for a documentary on the construction of the Leadenhall Building in London.

Just a Dream II, Katja Schuurman and Joep van Deudekom, The Netherlands, 2012

Q&A: Pieter Henket

ZWOLLE – Pieter Henket spoke to Frameweb about his new exhibition, the relation between film and photography in his work and an upcoming project.