Articles on Politics

Lending access to both the new city council offices and the station is an 80-m-wide flight of stairs, beneath which lies a bicycle parking facility also designed by Kraaijvinger.

Kraaijvanger's city council office pirouettes on its toes

UTRECHT – Dutch atelier consolidates Utrecht's city council offices into compact yet emotive structure.

Malka’s open housing unit ambiguously resides between public and private space.

Bow-House by Stéphane Malka

HEERLEN – The architect inserts an open housing unit between a public square and a graffiti-covered blind wall.

Converted into government offices, a former sanatorium was lacking spaces in which representatives could discuss and pass laws.

Parliament of the German-Speaking Community by Atelier Kempe Thill

EUPEN – Forging a strong identity over the past 40 years, the German-speaking Community deemed necessary to set up a government as well as legislative bodies of its own.