Articles on Seoul

Deep House by Poly.m.ur. Photos Kyungsub Shin

Poly.m.ur's Deep House is a culmination of solutions for a brief of clashing elements

SEOUL – Keeping in line with Korean building regulations isn't the easiest part of an architect's job. Keeping clients happy isn't always a breeze either.

Common Ground by Urbantainer. Photos Kyungsub Shin / Young Kim

Urbantainer breaks down the negative stereotypes of modular building

SEOUL – Built from 200 shipping containers over a 5300-sq-m area, Common Ground is the world’s largest retail platform made of container modules.

A riviera-blue future rising on Seoul's periphery.

Frits van Dongen exports the European model of social housing to Korea

SEOUL – The conglomerate of different blocks and Riviera-blue rooftops, which elegantly follows the topography of its surrounding hills, is supposed to provide a prototype for new …

The architects envisioned a workspace which combines contemporary material processes with organic principles.

Biophilia drives DaeWha Kang Design's office block renovation

SEOUL – London-based studio DaeWha Kang Design has given a 1980s office block a facelift in Seoul, Korea.

The building’s new texture evokes smaller-scale patterns found in traditional Korean architecture.

Casa Geometrica by JOHO

SEOUL – Korean firm JOHO Architecture has completed renovations to a deteriorating property in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Black brick is used  to create a place of remembrance and healing for the victims and their supporters.

Museum of War and Women's Human Rights by Wise Architecture

SEOUL – Korean architects refurbish a residence into a modest, solemn museum for the country's 'comfort women'.

A series of terraces culminate on the roof, with sweeping views of South Korea's capital.

ABC Building by Wise Architecture

SEOUL – The brick screen of this office building offers its users respite from the constant bustle of Seoul.

The rippling façade gives the building a unique expression and enriches the urban context.

HANDS Corporation Headquarters by The System Lab

SEOUL – The small-scale office building brings a fluid expression to the Korean streetscape.

Section perspective showing roof garden, apartments and parking area.

Beyond the Screen by OBBA

SEOUL – OBBA recently completed Beyond the Screen, a mixed-use building in Seoul, Korea.

The design aimed to incorporate the functions of an art gallery/atelier and those of an apartment.

Galaus by AnLstudio and Heebon

SEOUL – An apartment in Seoul, Korea, sees life and art, public and private come together.

A central pavilion offers an entryway to the gallery space below.

Daeyang Gallery and House by Steven Holl Architects

SEOUL – For a peaceful, reflective mixed-use space in Seoul, the architects were inspired by a piece of music to create a 'a composition in sequential movement'.

Rituals are emphasized through a strong spatial narrative created by topographical shapes.

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN

SEOUL – A memorial park creates a narrative through a fluid relationship with its landscape.