Articles on Social Housing

Social Housing by Metek. Photo Didier Boy De la Tour, Irina Productions, and Metek

The city of light just got brighter with Metek’s social housing project

PARIS – Although the street-facing façade is maintained, it’s carte blanche behind it. 

White Clouds by More Architects and Poggi Architecture. Photos Javier Callejas

More Architects' cloud clusters promote heavenly living

SAINTES – With the French government demanding that at least 20 per cent of every city is offered as social housing, many new developments are being built.

Frame awards
Frame awards
Montmartre housing by Ateloier Kempe Thill. Photos Ulrich Schwarz

A sliced façade for Atelier Kempe Thill's winter garden-inspired urban villas

PARIS – A modern interpretation of the classical urban villa is the starting point for desirable social housing in the district of Montmartre, northern Paris.

A riviera-blue future rising on Seoul's periphery.

Frits van Dongen exports the European model of social housing to Korea

SEOUL – The conglomerate of different blocks and Riviera-blue rooftops, which elegantly follows the topography of its surrounding hills, is supposed to provide a prototype for new …

Modern, innovative, sustainable - a jewel in Los Angeles.

SCI-Arc students build a home with Habitat for Humanity LA

LOS ANGELES – In a fruitful collaboration, students from the architecture school SCI-Arc use their skills to help a local charity build innovative housing for a small price.

Simple lines and warm tones characterise the exterior.

Gemaile Rechak pushes a new wave of social housing

BEZONS – Tapping into the current French trend of friendly social building, Gemaile Rechak Architects uses wood to create a residential sanctuary.

The firm presents exclusive insights on social and aesthetic quality.

French Atelier O-S Architectes prefabricates contextual sensitivity

DIJON – White concrete façades correspond neatly with the urban narrative of the neighbourhood which is dominated by a succession of small buildings and private homes.

Bold geometry meets social needs.

Antonini Darmon Architectes sheathes a Parisian housing block with stacked arcades

PARIS – A social housing project in Boulogne-Billancourt by Antonini Darmon Architectes uses the rich language of classical architecture to create a palace for its inhabitants.

Frame awards
Frame awards
The mountain panorama translated into an urban setting.

Green development fertilises Clichy-Batignolles district in Paris' periphery

PARIS – A sustainable development by Atelier Du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects is uprooting the outskirts of Paris for a new landscape.

The project brief consisted of two distinct requirements, to convert an existing building and to design a new structure.

ECDM's curvaceous façade lifts above a garden to preserve Paris' green spaces

PARIS – A building project where the architectural firm aspired to preserve the green site – a rarity in the densely-built city centre.

Flowing metallic strips characterise the exterior, running from the ground upwards to tower above the building.

Tetrarc adorns social housing with weaving aluminium towers

PARIS – Tetrarc's design combines Paris' traditional architectural proportions and modern material processes for a decorative and memorable residential scheme.

Presented with an open lot, the architects devised a creative solution to allow residents to control privacy.

Comte Vollenweider's adjustable timber facades let housing complex residents control privacy

MOUANS-SARTOUX – Located in a medieval town in the south-eastern corner of France, a social housing complex brings a contemporary edge to the historic area.