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Matryoshka House by Shift. Photos Noortje Knulst

Shift's Matryoshka House questions the relationship between living spaces

Rotterdam – A run-down townhouse has been fixed up into two high-end apartments, stripped down to its bare bones with smaller elements suspended in the tall voids.

Behind the screen-like façade, the building’s strict form can accommodate a rich variety and combination of urban uses

Overton 19 Townhouses by Works Partnership Architecture

PORTLAND – With Overton 19 Townhouses, Works Partnership Architecture aims to capture urban variety in all its facets.

Out Now: Mark #70
Out Now: Mark #70
This project boasts a truly contemporary design while bringing out a refined classic touch.

Lothian Townhouses by FREADMANWHITE

MELBOURNE – FREADMANWHITE recently completed four townhouses in suburban North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.