Articles on Zinc

Small, prefabricated units are arranged in the form of a campsite to allow a similar social flexibility. Photo Marius Dalseg

Koko Architects designs a place to interact for Norwegian hikers in an awe-inspiring setting

SODDATJØRN – A cluster of tents forms the social basis for a community of cabins on a Norwegian hiking trail.

The form of the building follows the Motala Ström River with its shimmering zinc aluminium façades. Photo Laila Reppen

Arkitektur + Development exploits the raw beauty of abandoned factories

NORRKÖPING – Anyone used to the image culture in contemporary architecture can pinpoint this project as a former industrial area that is now undergoing gentrification.

Standing on the left bank of the Seine, the ensemble contains a 175-room hotel (left) and 69 dwellings (right).

Carré Seine by Pietri Architectes

PARIS – Just outside of Paris' city limits, architects combine a sustainable way of building with generous loggias.