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Ilan Pivko introduces new forms to an old Jaffa neighbourhood

TEL AVIV – Florentin is one of Tel Aviv's most up-and-coming neighbourhoods and the densely-built area has a different character from the rest of the city.


Mark A-to-Z: E is for Eco-friendly

As we aim to move closer towards a zero-footprint society, we take a look at five projects that include ‘eco-friendly’ within their credentials.


Carazo Arquitectura interprets a house of experimentation and adventure

HEREDIA – Casa Murray Music is not a simple house in which its occupants simply exist. Instead, it is a place of exploration and discovery.


CVDB repurposes a train station as a home for stones

MORA – A disused train station and accompanying warehouse have been renovated into a museum for megaliths and prehistoric monuments in central Portugal.


Triptyque's residential complex creates a dual-façade across many faces

SÃO PAULO – As one of the world's most populated cities, São Paulo has more than its fair share of high-rise architecture and is home to many of Brazil's tallest skyscrapers.


Sheppard Robson's domestic-scale hospital puts children at ease

JOHANNESBURG – The official opening of the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital is the realisation of a dream to improve the facilities available to treat seriously ill children.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

Current Issue

Mark 68

Mark 68

In what we have nicknamed ‘the housing issue’, Mark #68 brings you a whopping 24 new homes from around the globe. From a hand-built holiday rental in central Chile, to a beach house in Sydney – with a few stop-offs in mainland Europe – there’s plenty to dig your teeth into in the latest issue of Mark.

An organically-shaped house on the outskirts of Prague is elevated above the ground and unconventionally supported by a single concrete column. Czech firm Sépka Architects claims that the ‘whimsical-looking decision saved a lot of money [and avoided] difficult conditions which would have made a classical foundation more demanding’ – that, and it really looks quite impressive.

In Tokyo, the latest project from Kochi Architect’s Studio plays on the firm’s affinity for angular cut-outs, visual perspectives and splashes of colour. Ana House shows why doors are probably overrated and just as much privacy can be gained by cutting irregular openings out of the walls, floor and ceilings.

It’s not all about houses, though. Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture focuses on the relationship between buildings and landscape, following the contours of a highly-topographic site to realise a nine-tiered school in Revin, France. With the majority of the 18,000 sq-m site covered in green roofing, it would be fairly easy – amongst the planted landscape – to miss this altogether if we didn’t point it out to you!

In other news: we investigate how so-called ‘touristic architecture’ is shaping cities like Barcelona; Vens and Vanbelle show off their most recent projects with an unusual photographic approach; and Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes talks about her first 1825 days as an architect at OMA – and what happened next.

Some articles from this issue

Casa Tumán by Studio Selva. Photos Nicolás Saieh

Studio Selva's hands-on experience reveals a new side of architecture

PUERTECILLO – Architects Johan Selbing and Alondra Paz Vargas spent five months on site in Chile, stripping eucalyptus branches, mixing mud and stacking straw bales.


Out Now: Mark #68 – Jun/Jul 2017

In what we have nicknamed 'the housing issue', Mark #68 brings you a whopping 24 new homes from around the globe.


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15 Residential Units by Metaform. Photos Steve Troes Fotodesign

Metaform coils 15 residential units around a curve on a slope

LUXEMBOURG CITY – No sane architect has grand dreams of building on a curved site with an aggressively-steep topography.

Urban Hospice by Nord Architects. Photos Adam Mørk

Nord Architects eases transition with a calming architectural language

COPENHAGEN – The 'warm and protecting atmosphere' of a metallic-clad Urban Hospice is intended to fit inconspicuously into the densely-packed residential area of Frederiksberg.

Australian Embassy by Denton Corker Marshal. Photos John Gollings

Metallic-clad towers take centre stage at the Australian Embassy by Denton Corker Marshall

JAKARTA – Three distinct typologies make up the new Australian Embassy, which is designed to act as a 'city within a city' in the Indonesian capital.

ETOILE by Block Architectes. Photos Phillippe Pirron

Conflicting structures by Block Architectes find common ground

EVRY – An exciting new multipurpose facility at the joint campus of Télécom SudParis and Télécom School of Management operates as a centre for research, innovation and technology.

Out Now: Mark #68
Out Now: Mark #68

United Kingdom

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Arthur's Cave by Miller Kendrick. Photos courtesy of the architect

The story of Miller Kendrick's micro-cabin is inspired by Welsh legend

WALES – A series of pop-up hotels has appeared in the Welsh countryside following a competition by Epic Retreats to celebrate 'The Welsh Year of Legends'.

Garden Studio Gym by Eastwest Architecture. Photos Naaro

Eastwest Architecture's garden shed provides plenty of height for skipping and jumping

LONDON – The English capital can be an exciting and bustling hub of activity but, just outside the central cocoon in Greater London, opportunities can be slightly more lacking.

Ogden Centre Durham University by Studio Libeskind. Photos Hufton + Crow

Studio Libeskind's sharp geometry creates a centre for world-class research

Durham – Inaugurated earlier this month, the Ogden Centre West building opens up further space for the expanding student population in the North East of the United Kingdom.

Tara Theatre by Aedas. Photos Philip Vile

Aedas Arts Team attaches a symbolic intervention to a small theatre

LONDON – A small end-terrace theatre in the south-west of London has been updated with an extension that includes a 100-seater auditorium.

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